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There is tremendous amount of evidence collected in Pakistan, but little emphasis is put on analyzing it and bringing that evidence into decision-making which is often informed by anecdotes. CERP brings to the table an emphasis on generating evidence which feeds into government, non-governmental, and private sector, influencing the design of high-impact reforms. We believe in building partnerships between researchers and their policy counterparts, in sharing information and experiential knowledge to build a sense of what works best in development.

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  1. Policy Impact
  2. Research
  3. Training

Leveraging its rich academic base, CERP aims to build on its expertise and partner with government and local organizations to rigorously inform policy debate. Evidence based decision making is at the core of CERP’s mission which it aims to institutionalize in the public sphere of Pakistan. It hopes to do so by creating research engagements that allow for meaningful and sustained collaborations between policy actors and researchers that can generate both feasible policy design and frontier scholarship. CERP’s most notable policy engagements include the Property tax experiment with Department of Excise and Taxation

CERP and its network affiliates have a long history of conducting rigorous empirical research in Pakistan. With numerous peer-reviewed publications in top tiered economic and policy journals, CERP’s research fellows constitute by far the most impressive publication credentials of any group that is working on Pakistan. CERP’s research is currently focused on key policy relevant areas in Pakistan: Governance, Education, Health, Poverty Alleviation, Financial Inclusion, Social Policy, and Industrial Development. Since its inception, CERP has been awarded more than 10 million US dollars for more than 15 different research projects in Pakistan. CERP’s research teams collaborate with governments, policymakers, civil society, and NGOs to promote the use of rigorous research methodology, accountability, and evidence-based decision-making

Engaging with and building the knowledge, skills, and capacity of policy actors in Pakistan is vital to promoting the long-term sustainability of CERP’s mission. These actors include policy makers in the government, development practitioners from non-profit organizations, civil society players and current and aspiring local researchers. In order to develop effective policy solutions, all relevant decision makers and participants must possess a deep understanding of evidence-driven program design and evaluation.

The Capacity Building initiative at CERP seeks to develop a knowledgeable workforce capable of deploying a variety of strategic and technical skills that will inform policy decisions.