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Why Join CERP

Are you interested in conducting research that influences policy decisions in Pakistan? Would you like to know how economic policies impact households, local businesses and firms in Pakistan? Come join the Center for Economic Research in Pakistan and work with globally renowned economists and social scientists to answer critical development questions. Our work is uniquely situated at the confluence of policy making and economic research and offers talented professionals with the opportunity to be a part of relevant projects. Projects at CERP range from implementing Randomized Controlled Trials in the field to building government capacity through implementing high-impact training sessions. We offer a variety of professional opportunities to young and experienced researchers, economists, statisticians, and program managers. Competitive salaries, benefits, professional development programs, and a stimulating work environment make CERP a unique and exciting place to work. Please contact if you have any additional queries.

Job Openings

  1. Research Assistant/Associate - Women's Mobility Project at CERP
  2. Research Assistant - PEOP
  3. Research Assistant- Asset Transfer Program 
  4. Field Researcher- Women's Mobility Project  
  5. Internship at THINK- Karachi
  6. Training Associate- Training Team
  7. Training Manager- Training Team
  8. Research Associate-Supporting BISP
  9. Research Assistant- Social Compact
  10. Research Associate- Social Compact 
  11. Field Researcher- Education 
  12. Communications and Outreach Assistant
  13. Program Support Officer-Education 

We're also looking for interns for various projects. If you're interested in interning at CERP, apply here.

Recruitment Process

CERP follows a rigorous recruitment process to assess all candidates and to find the best fit for them in the organization. If you have applied to CERP, you will be notified according to process. 

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