What is Job Asaan?

Job Asaan is an employment facilitation hub which aims to create a safe space for women with higher education to seek career guidance, mentoring and soft skills trainings. With a specialist women-only staff, this hub will have dedicated personnel for job counseling and mentoring. EFH will also include a co-working space for its beneficiaries to avail basic technical services such as access to computers, printers and internet.

How can Job Asaan help you find a job?

Job Asaan promises to provide with all the essential tools that will successfully lead to a secure job. It covers services including:

  • Professional CV making
  • Job matching with potential employers
  • Job application services
  • Access to female only co-working space

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    Who all can apply?

  • Current students enrolled in inter or above degree
  • Alumni who have an intermediate or above degree or current students enrolled in inter or above degree
  • PCSW