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Ednovate Pakistan: A Dialogue Fostering Evidence-Driven Innovation in Education

Hosted by: Center for Economic Research Pakistan (CERP) & LUMS School of Education Date: Tuesday, July 11, 2017 Venue: Lahore University of Management Sciences Pakistan’s education ecosystem represents a diverse set of actors and approaches – ranging from public to low-cost private schools, from individual school owners to national policymakers and technologists – but all have the same goal: improving education outcomes for students. Yet the significant findings and successful techniques developed across these groups have not been scaled to the extent required to improve education quality for all across Pakistan. Innovations remain siloed and evidence from the field is not being used to drive policies and practices. 

This event will bring together key thought leaders and decision makers in the Pakistan education sphere to engage in intersectional dialogue on the value of (i) evidence-driven decision making and (ii) an innovation-based Education ecosystem, with the aim of creating a coalition of stakeholders and partners who will champion education innovation and research in Pakistan. 

CERP invites Bangladeshi Healthcare Activist Dr. Zafrullah Chowdhry

On June 5th ,2015, CERP-IDEAS in collaboration with IGC welcomed Dr. Zafrullah Chowdhry, a renowned healthcare activist from Bangladesh. Dr. Chowdhry’s talk focused on the development of rural healthcare in Punjab, with a special emphasis on maternal and child health. He discussed the importance of training young men and women in the health sector who could later be of service to their villages without having attained a medical degree. Moreover, he highlighted the importance of maintaining a system of accountability between doctors and patients so that patients do not have to bear unnecessary costs and difficulties. He was grateful to the Punjab government for giving him and his team the opportunity to use their expertise for improving the quality of healthcare in Punjab. Dr.Chowdhry believes in giving power to the ordinary man who in turn can use that power for the well-being and betterment of the entire community. His talk was followed by an engaging question-answer session.

CERP-CLEAR delivers Monitoring and Evaluation training at Planning & Development Department, Lahore

CLEAR Pakistan conducted a 1-day training on Impact Evaluation for the Directorate General for Monitoring & Evaluation (DGM&E) of the Government of Punjab’s Planning & Development Department. The training was attended by members of their M&E cell and related departments such as Bureau of Statistics and Punjab Economic Research Institute (PERI).

The training was conducted by Gemma Stevenson(Associate Director, CERP), Asad Liaqat(PhD student at Harvard Kennedy School) and Maham Bhatty(Policy and Training Manager, CERP). It consisted of lectures and interactive sessions on introduction to impact evaluation, evaluation methodologies – experimental and non-experimental approaches, and the need for imbedding M&E structures into programmes during design.

Dr. Atif Mian’s Lecture on House of Debt at NSPP

Dr. Atif Mian delivered a lecture on his book, House of Debt at National School of Public Policy (NSPP) in July and explained how household debt was responsible for the US economic recession. He explained that as the house prices crash, the borrowers cut back on consumption which results in fall in aggregate demand in economy. He suggested that the solution to this problem is to promote risk sharing in debt based on state dependent contingencies. The lecture was followed by an interactive question and answer session.

BCURE Civil Service Reform Policy Dialogue, March 2014

On 20th March 2014, BCURE launched its first ever Civil Service Reform Policy Dialogue in Pakistan. It was jointly hosted by CERP; the National School of Public Policy (NSPP); Evidence for Policy Design program at Harvard University, and the Planning Commission in Lahore. The purpose of the Dialogue was to demonstrate the value of policy maker and researcher collaborations and help catalyze such engagements, especially on civil service reforms that can deliver better policy outcomes. the first day was devoted to introducing the policy maker-researcher engagement model and stressed on importance of using evidence in policy formulation. The following day focused on group discussions on salient policy issues of Pakistan where the participants designed a smart policy solution to address them.

CERP Fellows Graduate School Advice Session at LUMS

CERP along with LUMS Department of Economics hosted an advisory session for students. This was an opportunity for aspiring researchers to meet with seasoned economists like Asim Khwaja(Harvard), Micheal Callen(Harvard), Micheal Best(LSE), Tahir Andrabi(Pomona College), Atif Mian(Princeton), Rema Hanna(Harvard), Benjamin Olken(MIT) and Javed Younas(AUS). This session allowed students to interact with the academics directly and gain valuable insights about career options in research.

CERP Kasur Education Support Mela

CERP’s Education Financing Project had an event lined up in the month of March, Kasur Education Support Mela 2014. It was a day long activity aimed to bring together low cost private school (LCPS) owners from Kasur and education support service (ESS) providers . The purpose of the Mela was to test the efficacy of ESS products/services for the LCPS market and the ensuing implementation issues for a representative set of schools. More than 100 schools attended the event.

Dr. Tahir Andrabi presents his paper at LUMS


On January 16th, CERP board member Dr. Tahir Andrabi from Pomona College discussed his paper on child development after the 2005 earthquake at LUMS.

CERP-CLEAR course on Monitoring and Evaluation:Project Management Tools

The 5 day CERP-CLEAR course on Monitoring and Evaluation: Project Management tools ended on January 10th. For more information on this course, visit this page.

Dr. Atif Mian delivers a lecture on The Source of Global Financial Crisis


CERP board member Dr. Atif Mian from Princeton University delivered a lecture on “The Source of Global Financial Crisis and a Way Forward” at Government College University. For more details and slides from the lecture visit this page.

The Education Financing team pilots a new survey


The aim of the Education Financing Project is to track the impact of enhanced access to finance on Low-Cost Private Schools’ (LCPS) sustainability. The project’s research team recently piloted and implemented a new survey designed specifically with the intention of capturing accurate financial data. This survey tracks changes in enrolments and fee incomes, accounting for variation in registered enrolment vs. actual attendance and posted fees vs. collected fees. The entire survey (approximately 1000 schools) was completed by the end of December 2013. The team is also in the last stages of finalizing a customized loan product for LCPS. Recognizing that responses vary between urban and rural markets, a final testing stage with a sample of urban LCPS in Mustafabad, Kasur is underway.

CERP-CLEAR Presents at the Lahore School of Economics


On December 2, Nadia Hasham (Project Coordinator- Governance) spoke at the Lahore School of Economics as part of their faculty training workshop. The lecture was about designing, conducting, and analyzing results from behavioral games in lab and field settings.

CERP-CLEAR Delivers Lecture at the Civil Services Academy, Lahore


CERP board member Dr. Adnan Qadir Khan (London School of Economics) delivered a lecture on December 18 to over 200 civil servants at the Civil Services Academy of Pakistan. This lecture was part of the academy’s Common Training Program (CTP) and provided an introduction to evaluation methods. Dr. Adnan used examples from education and civil service reform, giving the audience both a local and an international perspective to evidence-based policy formulation.

CERP CLEAR Conducts a Training at Punjab Skills Development Fund


On November 26th and 27th, CERP CLEAR organized a training at the Punjab Skills Development Fund (PSDF) office at Lahore. PSDF is a partner for CERP’s Punjab Economic Opportunities Program which works towards skills development in rural Punjab. The training covered advanced excel skills used in research and was conducted with the support of Lahore University of Management Sciences.

CERP and J-PAL South Asia Attend the Fourth CLEAR Global Forum, Mexico City


From November 18-22, CERP and J-PAL South Asia staff attended the Center for Learning Evaluation and Results (CLEAR) Global Forum in Mexico City. During the forum, CLEAR centers from across the globe shared their experiences from the past year. This was a great opportunity for members of the regional centers, donors, and experts to learn from CLEAR’s experience working with governments in Latin America to institutionalize monitoring and evaluation (M&E), as well as to discuss how to consolidate M&E and performance management systems.
While there, J-PAL South Asia engaged important stakeholders from the evaluation community in South Asia to develop a strategy for building M&E capacity. These stakeholders included representatives from the ASER Capacity Building UnitThe Sri Lankan Evaluation Association (SLEvA), the Community of Evaluators (CoE), and Ajay Chhibber, the recently appointed Director General of India’s Independent Evaluation Office (IEO).

CERP welcomes new fellows


CERP is delighted to welcome the following researchers who have joined our CERP Fellows Network.

We look forward to having them on board and trust that they will benefit substantially from being a part of the CERP Network!

CERP-CLEAR lecture at National Commission for Human Development training


On September 24, CERP Associate Director Gemma Stevenson was invited to speak at the “Program Implementation Training for District Management and Program Officials” of National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) Punjab that took place in Lahore. NCHD is a partner for CERP’s Microbe Literacy Project which investigates hygiene and sanitation behaviour among women in Pakistan.  CERP’s lecture at the training focused on the role of research in achieving development outcomes and an introduction to evaluation methods employed by CERP for its research projects. Obeid Rehman, Research Associate at CERP, demonstrated these methods further by expanding on CERP’s Tax project. The lecture ended with a discussion on future opportunities for collaboration with NCHD.

CERP signs MoU with National School of Public Policy and Evidence for Policy Design


CERP signed an MOU with the National School of Public Policy (NSPP) in Pakistan and the Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD) at the Center for International Development at Harvard University. This MOU is aimed to build capacity to foster more evidence-based policy formulation among policy makers and bureaucrats through four main activities. First, a rigorous assessment of training and capacity building needs in the Pakistani civil service. Second, a training platform using cutting edge and scalable online pedagogical tools for strengthening individual capabilities. Third, a mechanism to support and incubate pilot projects that demonstrate the value of data and evidence-based decision making through a formal Request for Proposals (RFP) process. Lastly, policy dialogues to foster a consensus among key stakeholders on the value of using evidence to inform policy.

CERP-CLEAR workshop on Smart Policy Design


Part of the Mid Career Management Course (MCMC) at the National Institute of Management (NIM), this two day workshop aimed to introduce smart policy designs to policy makers and bureaucrats.The participants included 18-19 grade civil servants. The workshop took the participants through why they need such policy design frameworks, what methods are commonly applied in the field, and actual policy interventions in Pakistan being conducted in partnership with the government. Pictures from the workshop can be found here.

CERP hires new Communications Assistant


CERP welcomes Sameea Sheikh, who has recently joined our team as a Communications Assistant. She will be overseeing all web and social media content for CERP. We look forward to having her on board!

CERP Board Member Dr. Andrabi presents his paper at the ‘Inequalities in Children’s Outcomes in Developing Countries Conference’ held at the University of Oxford


This major international conference brought together economists and other social scientists working on issues relating to the evolution, causes and consequences of childhood inequalities who are using either the Young Lives data or other panel data-sets related to children’s well-being Dr. Andrabi presented his paper: Protective Mothers: Maternal Education and Child Learning After the 2005 Pakistan Earthquake Dr. Andrabi was also a discussant for the session ‘Measuring Learning Trajectories in Developing Countries with Longitudinal Data and Item Response Theory’Online video of the session is available here Further information regarding the conference and videos of the sessions are available here.

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