Two CERP Projects to be Presented at Stanford University

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Two CERP Projects to be Presented at Stanford University

Highlighting governance quality in Pakistan and other Muslim societies

Stanford, CA: Two CERP projects will be presented during Stanford University's Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies' Annual Conference, entitled "Quality of Governance: Comparative Perspectives from the Muslim World and Beyond." The conference will run from 13-14 April 2018.

The projects, housed under CERP's Governance Research Program, are the Political Connections Project and the Procurement Efficiency Project.

The conference is organized by Dr. Saad Gulzar, a CERP alumnus and current Research Fellow. Dr. Gulzar is also a co-Principal Investigator of the Political Connections project, formally entitled "Improving Political Responsiveness: Experimental Evidence from Pakistan" alongside Dr. Miriam Golden and Luke Sonnet.

CERP Board Member and Research and Policy Director of the International Growth Center Dr. Adnan Q. Khan will be presenting on "Incentives and the Allocation of Authority in Organizations: A Field Experiment with Bureaucrats", also known as the Procurement Efficiency Project. The Principal Investigators of this project include Dr. Oriana Bandiera, Dr. Michael Best, and Dr. Andrea Prat.

Also presenting is CERP Research Fellow Dr. Kate Vyborny, a Principal Investigator of both the Women's Mobility Program and De facto Rights Project at CERP. Dr. Vyborny will be speaking during the panel on institutions about her work entitled "Institutional Capacity as an Organizational Challenge: Pilot Results from a Field Experiment in Pakistan" (joint with Hamna Ahmed, Asha Gul, and Simon Quinn).

For more information, please visit the conference page:  Stanford University's Abbasi Program Annual Conference 2018

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