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CERP Capacity Building offers a range of training opportunities to engage and build the knowledge and skills base of a broad range of actors in the policy space including strategic decision-makers, development practitioners and technical researchers to become critical consumers of evidence.

We work actively with our partners at Regional Centers for Learning on Evaluation and Results (CLEAR) and Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD) at Harvard University to develop cutting-edge content and to incorporate the latest pedagogical techniques, drawing on the expertise of our international Fellows to deliver high impact training programs.

CERP training's focus on structured data-driven approaches to program design and decision-making, including effective program design, evaluation methods, data management and analytics, and project management. Our current training programs include:

Innovative Leadership in the Age of Data (ILEAD) - cross-sectoral senior executive course

Evidence-Based Program Design (EBPD) - mid-career development practitioners

Research Management Tools (RMT) - junior technical researchers and development practitioners

For details on our training programs and customized offerings, please contact

 Faculty Chairs

     Asim Ijaz Khwaja    

      Professor of International Finance and Development, Harvard University

      Program Director for Firms and Organizations, CERP






    Adnan Qadir Khan

     Research and Policy Director, International Growth Center, London School of Economics

     Program Director for Public Finance, CERP








Center for Learning on Evaluation and Results (CLEAR) is one of CERP’s partners in its capacity building agenda. It is a global multilateral program that aims to strengthen the capacity of regional institution to provide monitoring and evaluation capacity-development services to government and civil society. The regional centers are meant to serve as a training hub for governments and civil society by engaging in range of capacity-building efforts including demand-driven training and advisory services. For more information please visit our website


The Evidence for Policy Design (EPOD) program at Harvard Kennedy School works to promote the use of analytical insights, drawn from economics and backed by rigorous evidence, to inform the design and implementation of publicpolicies and programs around the world. Through research, teaching and capacity-building activities, the program seeks to equip decision makers from around the world with knowledgev and skills nesseasary to understand how data and evidence can be used more effectively to achieve policy goals. . For more information please visit our website

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