Workshop on Evidence Based Program Design

04 Dec 2018

Evidence Based Program Design Training

A five-day workshop was held by CERP under the banner of Evidence Based Program Design (EBPD) in collaboration with Evidence for Policy Design - EPoD and The CLEAR Initiative.
Dr. Ali Cheema introduced ‘Program Evaluation Lifecycle’ in the opening session. He explained how baseline data can help in identifying problems and help to diagnose underlying causes.
Over the duration of the workshop, participants were introduced to topics such as power increasing in a nonlinear fashion, how to make effective decisions in overlapping organizations?, theory of change, experimental survey, question design, data analytics and tax collection in Pakistan.
The workshop also introduced the topic (is) ‘Smart Policy Design compatible in Pakistan's government?’ This was further elaborated upon by Dr. Tahir Andrabi who discussed the importance of structured approach in policy-making.
EBPD workshop was structured with a mix of lectures, group discussions and a presentation and had participants from the government, banking and development sector.
The training concluded with presentation by participants on ‘Importance of incentives in the implementation stage’.