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Professional Profile

Program Design
Program Monitoring
Data Collection and Management
Conducting Qualitative Assessment
Program Implementation
Program Evaluation
Data Analysis
Using Research Results / Data for Strategy and Decision
Capacity Building


Educational Profile


Monitoring and Evaluation

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Evidence Based Program Design - Problem Statement

Please submit a problem statement for the collaborative group sessions (an integral component of the curriculum). Please ensure it is specific enough for participants to design actionable strategies, as well as generic in nature to be of interest to different organizations and stakeholders. One selected problem will be assigned to each study group. Over four working sessions, groups will systematically conceptualize and formulate solutions to the selected problem. This exercise presents a unique opportunity to engage with faculty, teaching assistants, and fellow participants to propose solutions to a real-life challenge facing your organization.
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Additional Details

Approach(es) to program design
Approach(es) to program monitoring and evaluation
Theoretical frameworks for policy design
Practical problems and solutions for policy design
Networking with professionals from your own industry
Learning from top researchers in the field
Approach(es) to program implementation
Theory of change
Handling data
Learning about evidence-based program design in industries other than your own
Networking with professionals from other industries