Centre for Research in Economics and Business

The Centre for Research in Economics and Business was established in 2007 to conduct policy oriented research with a rigorous academic perspective on key development issues facing Pakistan. The mission statement of the CREB is to act as a think tank and economic policy discussion forum of the Lahore School of Economics; to undertake research on economic policies and institutions, train researchers to international standards and be recognized as a premier institution for producing quality work in economics and business in Pakistan.
Some of their research projects include the analysis of technology in the Sialkot Soccer Ball industry, incentives and productivity: work groups vs. production lines, understanding and addressing rural poverty in Pakistan: Oxford-Lahore School Collaboration, causes and effects of consanguineous marriage in Punjab, private versus public schooling choice at the household level, financial crisis and migrant remittances: effects on growth and poverty in selected South Asian Countries and a strategy for reversing Pakistan’s dismal export performance.

CERP Project Partnership