Department of Excise and Taxation Punjab

The Excise & Taxation Department provides services for collection of various taxes and duties efficiently and effectively and suggests ways and means for additional resource mobilization in the province. The main functions of the Department include collection of provincial property tax, motor vehicle registration, collection of entertainment tax and different levies of excise. Other responsibilities of the department include handling issues related to vehicle documentation, issuing clearance certificates and updating documentation with regards to property units. The department is also tasked with the enforcement of Hadd ordinance 1979 which deals with the prohibition and licensing of liquors, intoxicants and narcotics.
The department is also currently undertaking an extensive exercise to computerize all property tax records in order to optimize departmental performance, reduce corruption and promote automation to economize and optimize service delivery through minimum public interface. This has already resulted in an on-line property tax calculator as well as on-line motor registration and verification.

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