Education Financing and Support Services Project


Centre for Economic Research in Pakistan partnered with Tameer Microfinance Bank and the Aman Foundation to support the private education sector in Punjab, thus making it sustainable in the long run. The project premised on the key findings from the LEAPS Report that examined the education landscape of Punjab through panel data spanning four years (2003-2007). The report focused on key outcomes such as child learning and schooling environment in villages with private schools.

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Principal Investigators

Dr. Asim Khwaja, Harvard Kennedy School
Dr. Tahir Andarabi, Pomona College
Dr. Jishnu Das, World Bank

Partners and Funders

Tameer Mirco Finance Bank
Aman Foundation
Oxford University Press
Adult Basic Education Society
World Bank
National Science Foundation
John Templeton Foundation
Pomona College

Project Period

2012 - 2017