Engro Foundation

Engro Foundation is committed to the growth of sustainable societies in which people have access to choice and opportunities for development.”
Engro Foundation is the singular front of Engro Affiliates for community engagement and social investment. It was formed to harness the financial and managerial resources that Engro Corporation commands to create a lasting social impact in communities and amongst the people who Engro works with. At Engro Foundation, our employees have access to an environment with enables them to reach out to communities and devise strategies on social issues.
Engro Foundation partners with government agencies, other industry players and not-for-profit entities that possess the will, field experience and the vision to enhance the scale of Engro’s investment and effort.
By building infrastructure; promoting health and education; encouraging conservation; and providing livelihood for the industrious, Engro Foundation is helping entire communities thrive, sustain and build themselves, one village at a time.

 CERP Project Partnership:
  Punjab Economic Opportunities Program (PEOP)