Planning and Development Department

The Planning and Development Department, Government of Punjab, is the principal planning organization at the provincial level. It coordinates and monitors development programs and activities of various departments of the provincial government. The department also prepares an overall medium term development framework of development activities in the province. The medium term development framework lays down the development activities to be carried out in the province in various sectors of the provincial economy. In this manner the Planning & Development Department is one of the main actors in the growth of the economic potential of the province.
The mandate of the Planning & Development Department includes, provision of technical support and coordination to various Government departments in their planning activities. The Planning & Development Department is also the main government agency working with foreign donors in the province.

The main objectives of the Planning and Development Department are:
    • Assessment of the material and human resources of the province
    • Formulation of long and short term plans.
    • Recommendations concerning, prevailing economic conditions, economic policies or measures.
    • Examination of such economic problems as may be referred to it for advice.
    • Coordination of all economic activities in the provincial government

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