Policy Dialogue on Education Support Services

When: 29th July, 2013
Where: Lahore, Pakistan


CERP hosted a policy dialogue on education support services. The main objective was to explore scalable support services that can help improve learning outcomes, especially for sectors that receive limited assistance. Private schools, for instance, face considerable constraints, despite known successes in the provision of quality education. This dialogue explored three thematic areas:

  1. Support services which interact directly with teachers (e.g. teacher training)
  2. Services which aim to supplement traditional teaching (e.g.use of adaptive learning technologies)
  3. Services which strive to enhance the teaching environment (e.g. online learning platforms)


The dialogue invited a series of brief presentations as examples of interventions in each thematic area, followed by substantive discussions among various stakeholders for unique insights and perspectives on innovations in support services. Some of the questions that were discussed were: How can we improve the quality of schools? What is the scope for new types of services, including internet and communication technology? What are the underlying factors preventing these needs from being met? What resources are needed to enable the successful implementation and evaluation of such interventions? What next steps can be taken to move this process forward?


A number of private sector educational organisations participated in the dialogue including: