Policy Skills & Leadership

Impactful leadership entails the ability to move across organisations and teams with differing cultures and objectives and to mobilise them for a common vision and value creation. Our course on Policy Skills and Leadership equips the participants with analytical tools and frameworks as well as soft skills in communication, negotiation and persuasion – to guide an effective collaboration across teams and organisations. The participants are led through simulation exercises, involving role-play and team negotiation to reach a policy level agreement.

Who Should Attend?

Mid-career and senior professionals from all sectors, who are expected to work with teams and stakeholders from within and outside their organisations.

Teaching Techniques:

  • Self-reflection on past leadership challenges
  • Introduction to and discussion on analytical frameworks on leadership and negotiation
  • Simulation exercises and role play


At CERP we also host seminars on our research themes which address questions, concerns and challenges faced by those working in the related fields. Some of the events we have held are: