Punjab Property Tax Project


Increasing tax collection is an area of focus globally. In Pakistan, tax collection, and property tax in particular, is a substantial issue even relative to other developing countries. Property tax collection in Punjab is roughly a fifth of the level of developing countries (World Bank, 2006). For the past 5 years, the Excise and Taxation Department (E&T) Punjab has been working with the Centre for Economic Research Pakistan (CERP) and its team of international researchers from Harvard University, London School of Economics and M.I.T. in order to improve performance tax collection. The collaboration so far focused on two distinct projects, namely the Performance Pay Project and Merit-Based Transfers and Posting Project, that were designed to improve tax collector performance by introducing performance based human resource (HR reform).
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Principal Investigators

Dr. Adnan Qadir Khan, London School of Economics
Benjamin Olken, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Partners and Funders

Punjab Excise and Taxation Department
Punjab Finance Department

Project Period:

2010 – 2016