David Figlio


Dr. David Figlio is the Orrington Lunt Professor of Education and Social Policy, Director of the Institute for Policy Research, and Professor of Human Development and Social Policy, and Economics at Northwestern University, as well as Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research and Associate of the Institute for Research on Poverty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

He earned his PhD in Economics in 1995 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research on education and social policy, including influential work on school accountability, standards, welfare policy, and policy design, has been published in numerous leading journals including the American Economic Review, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Law and Economics and Journal of Human Resources. Currently, his research involves evaluating the Florida Corporate Tax Credit Scholarship Program, the largest school voucher program in the United States; conducting a large-scale study of school accountability in Florida, involving collecting survey data on a census of public school principals in the state; and following children from birth through their school career to study key questions regarding early childhood policy and inequality.

Prior to joining the Northwestern faculty in 2008, David Figlio taught at the University of Florida, from 1998-2008 and the University of Oregon from 1995-1998.