Erica Field

Associate Professor

Erica Field is an Associate Professor of Economics at Duke University. She received her PhD and MA in Economics from Princeton University in 2003 and her B.A. in Economics and Latin American Studies from Vassar College in 1996. Since receiving her PhD, she has worked at Princeton, Stanford, and Harvard, where she was a Professor for six years before joining Duke. Dr. Field’s major fields of interests are development economics, labor economics, economic demography, and health. She has published work in various journals, including the American Economics Journal and the Quarterly Journal of Economics. Dr. Field’s research specifically focuses on the areas of marriage and family, property rights, global health, and finance and entrepreneurship. She is currently working on projects that explore adolescent empowerment and education in Bangladesh, the effects of micro-finance on women and households in South Asia and India, and the impacts of access to family planning resources on fertility and health in Zambia.